Will I have a problem meeting girls?

I grew up in a conservative family and I was taught not to have any stupid ideas with girls.

When I explained to my friends that the reason why I couldn't really date girls was because I wasn't allowed to really touch them or have any sexual relationship.

They laughed at me and said the girls will think you are boring or that you are gay.

I know I ain't boring because I can definitely make any girl laugh but when it comes to dating I don't prefer the phyiscal part of the relationship until marriage. Im going off to college soon... is this true?


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  • It will take more time to find the right girl. But time usually has it's rewards.

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  • I think you dont value the physical part because you are a stand up guy. But 1 thing I have to say is dearie you have never been in love. Otherwise... (You get the drill).


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