Is she interested or not, I can't read her?

So there is this girl I am very interested in. We have hung out a few times and text often (about 50/50 on who texts first) I have taken her to dinner twice and have a big thing planned for next week. The other night after she got off work she came over to watch a movie, after dinner we started the movie and eventually started to cuddle. Later, I moved in and kissed her a couple times and then behaved myself the rest of the night. But we cuddled ALL night, not like just arm around her, but like, her laying on my chest with leg over mine and arm over me. The next day I had to work, but when i got off she invited me to her place and we talked while she made muffins. After all of that, I asked if she was interested in me (because I knew previously that she was kind of looking for friends but I didn't know if this changed anything) She said "idk I'm still not really looking to date or anything like that"... that sucks, but the big plan for next week is a concert but she has to work that day, so I told her that if it was going to be a problem then to not worry about it... she said "no, I really want to go with you, I'll figure something out, I promise" .. so to me that shows interest... but I can't really read her.. I get the tickets tomorrow and plan on getting her favorite flower for that day as a surprise. I don't want to try if she really isn't, but I don't NOT want to try if she is and I'm just dumb...

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Update, after she gets off today, I said she can come over... she said she may be going out of town but asked what we'd do if she came over because she really doesn't want to drive.


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  • Hi. I think you need to be more persistent and direct about your intentions and really ask her again if she would be willing to explore a relationship with you. Otherwise I would sugest you to move on. She might really only want a friend and you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Best of luck :)

  • She may be interested in you but I'd take caution. It looks like she might want to get to know you more before she jumps into it. Be a great friend for her, don't let her down and flirt and cuddle all you want. She will let you know when and if she wants to date you.


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