Had the talk, he got silent, now a week after I bump into him and he's very very happy to see me. What's going on?

We dated for a month, had the talk, realized we're not sure what to do. I wanted to go on dating, figuring out where it goes, he wasn't so sure of our relationship, and we had to finish the talk cause I was getting late for work. Ever since we've had an awkward short texting two days later, and silence for 4 days now.
I was sure it was over, that he only wants sex from me and isn't interested in me at all.. until I bumped into him tonight. He never works on Sundays so me and my friend actually passed by that street, cause it's a lot of a shorter walk, then suddenly I see him, I wave hello as I'm continuing to walk away, until I realize this is stupid, I stop and intend to go in there and say HI. As I turn around I see him running out of the place, towards me. Hugged me really strong and tight. Asked me twice what our plans were.. when I told him we were done and heading home, he seemed as though he really wanted me to stay and spend some time together. My friend's opinion too.
We said goodbye, I felt like a storm just hit me from inside, though I acted quite cool and normal. Serious face on, no flirting.
I really don't get this guy. Is he taking the time to think about it? Or has he decided it's over and therefore not contacting me for 4 days? He used to text me every day, and call a bit too.. We were talking about going on another date together the day we had the talk.. that never happened.
A month, 9-10 dates.. and I'm confused. I really miss him.
Guys, perspective.. please?

Guys? Anyone?


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  • I think he still likes you and took the time off to realise that. Sometimes couples need breaks. You should call him up and ask how he feels. c Communication is important in an relationship.

    I know I am not a guy but no one else answered.

    • Thank you. Communication IS the key... indeed.

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    • Thanks for MH! :)

    • :) Thank you.

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