What are some things to talk about with a person you like when conversation gets dull?

We text all the time and sometimes the conversation does down and there is nothing to talk about. What are some suggestions?


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  • You can talk and branch off any topics. I know eventually you will run out of things to talk about because if you get past the get to know you part then it can get dull. Some topics to talk about-Anything about food? Favorite types, favorite fast food places to eat, World events. Their is so much crazy stuff that happens everyday good and bad you can talk about. You can talk about Germany winning the world cup. You can talk about sports if your a sports fan. You can talk about the weather. You can talk about politics. But that can always get messy. You can talk about favorite hobbies or things you like to do for fun. You can always talk about movies you want to see, watch, like and didn't like. You can talk about music, whether it's bands concerts, favorite songs or favorite videos. The list goes on and on. Just be fun when texting. Their so many things you can text about. You can even talk about how your day is going. What places you like to visit or see. It can branch off to so many topics.


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