Why do people waste their time with their crushes who like them back?

See so many questions on here about people who have crushed that actually like them back and when you tell them that it's mutual they STILL waste time and ask more fucking questions.

What more do they want?


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  • Thank you! I thought I was the only one who thought that, but I guess they want second opinion about it

    • But they still keep asking after the billionth advice given.

    • Wow I got downvoted just saying this thank you! I think Im in love with this person! :)

      I know it gets annoying after time

    • Let them downgrade you they're just stupid fucks.

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  • Because even if it seems their crush likes them back they still doubt things.

    • Lol then they will lose their opportunity.


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    • Lol just you


    • Maybe if they were to read the comments I've written here they would see who's really the dumbass lol

  • They want 100% assurance. The people asking questions about crushes are doing it to get know if their crush likes them back. That's because people are afraid of rejection. 99% assurance still levels 1% chance that they'll be turned down, and that 1% chance is too much of a risk for them.

    • But after the millionth advice given. It's about time they do something

    • Maybe, I'm just telling you why it is that they don't.

  • I'm guessing they're lazy to actually confess.

    • Exactly. Lol right on.

  • They are looking for more validation, and they are really scared that they are wrong. I don't personally get it, I'm crushing on a girl right now and I have no idea if she likes me or not, but the next time I see her i'm asking for her number.

    • But I'm talking about the times it's balance clear it's mutual.

      That need to grow balls.

    • yes, yes they do.

  • Confused about your question lol

    • Y said y do people waste time liking someone when their crushes like them back. They still sit on their asses going but but but

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    • Sometimes lol

    • Well hot damn

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