Why are these people mad at me speaking the truth?

So my sister and her husband went to a water park with my ex and his gf. My sister even went as far as lying for my cheating ex to his gf. She didn't invite me because her husband had invited him. I took care of my niece all day and than my other nieces come and tell we saw ex. I said ohh ok so I asked my sister and she got upset when I called her a liar. Her husband is such a douchebag he hangs out with only cheaters and he's a liar. He wastes his money for rent on strip clubs. She got upset yet she directs her anger at me. I'm just telling her the way he is and how he can careless about her or I or anyone.

She said how my ex was a good guy and yet he hurt her own sister.


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  • You don't have to say a thing to your sister. You have said enough. If anything place a bet on how long her boyfriend makes it before he cheats or spends the rent money next.

    A sister who betrays will end up eating her words. Her problems is she knows this guy hurt you and she just defined herself as being the lap dog for something less than a man. She has a problem, watch the show.


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  • I think you should talk to your sister about it more... can you please explain it more to me so I can help you.. I'm kinda confused! :) x

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