Is he complicated/selfish/what?

I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks. We both like each other and just discussed seeing ourselves as in a relationship. My problem is that when I am with him, he will invite me to do things other days, but never tells me a time. Every time, I will text him during the day to ask what time to meet.

For the past 2 days, he said he wanted to go out with me and his friends. I asked what time to meet last night, and he suddenly said he wanted to only see his guy friends. I was upset and told him he was ditching me. He replied that he "never promised me" and he could see me tomorrow.

Today, I asked him what time to come over. He said "Sorry, i'm busy" and that he was watching the game with his friends. I flipped out and told him he was ditching me again. He denied it, and began to brush off the conversation. He said we could discuss it another day, and told me to stop being "nervous." He then told me that i'm annoying when I ask what times to meet him --- but he never tells me! I told him to be a man and start telling me times so I don't have to always ask.

Please, someone tell me what is going on with this guy?


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  • Well you should stop asking him.. whenever he tells u to go out just be like yeah if I was free just tell me when and where and if he ditches u all the time then he might have another gf or he doesn't really like you... I think u should talk to him about it or just leave him because no one deserves that kind of person! Hope I helped and gdlk! :) x