Girlfriend and I got caught laying next to each other by her parents (Who didn't know) Please Help?

Me and my girlfriend wanted time alone with each other so we decided to go down to the basketball courts.
Her parents never checked up on us before, so instead of going to the courts we went up to the park, which isn't even a block away from the courts.
We talked a lot about our relationship and what level we were on with it, (Sexual things).
So she laid next to me in the park under a really big tree.
5 minutes later her parents drove up and I said
"Were Fucked." Her parents told her to walk home, and I told her to tell me what her parents do to her when she gets the chance. Anyways she didn't come outside today, and I'm worried her parents will break us up.
Her parents told her she wasn't aloud to date so when her parents showed up I felt like it was judgment day.
The tree is a good 40-90 ft. away from the fence of the park and the way we were laying made it look like she was just laying on her side. Im scared to death her parents will break us up and don't know what to do... any advice or am I fucked?


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  • Its sad when parents can't accept their child's choices. Hopefully if that happens she will have the sense to rebel slightly and tell her parents that it is what she wants and that they can't prevent it.
    Whatever decision your gf makes though, respect it and stick by her

    • I sure will. I would do anything for her, this guy had a crush on her and tried to get sex out of her and when he came over to a wrestling match in my friends backyard today I kicked his ass into next week... won't see him till next Friday.

    • You sound like a good guy. I wish you and your gf all the best

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