Difficulty reading her. Good first date but now confused and unsure of next steps?

I'm having a lot of difficulty reading a particular girl.

I've known her a few months as we have mutual friends. I had a feeling she was into me previously but I was seeing someone and nothing came of it.

Then some time later when I was single again I found myself out with our mutual friends and she was there. Our friends made it clear to me she had 'a thing for me'. We chatted a lot and made out with her and got her number that night.

We then went on a date and that lasted some 5 hours and we made out a number of times and she thanked me saying she had fun on the date.

However, my worry is that I have been too keen. I tried to set up another date almost immediately asking her out 2 days later but she said she already had plans. Generally she is slow to respond back to messages.

I'm not sure how far to push things and where to go from here. I like her but I also don't want to make myself look an idiot in front of our friends.

I don't know whether to ask her to do something again, re-engage text conversation, wait until we meet through friends or give up.


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  • She doesn't seem as interested anymore in my opinion. Any girl that is into a guy will cancel her "other" plans. Or she could have suggested to go on a second date another day.


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