Texting the guy you like...

I know it's been asked again and again

but are there rules to texting "him" (or "her")

Is it ok to text him first?

If you already texted him in the same day?

I get really nervous that I will annoy him if I text him

but I really want to talk to him...

but I'm thinking if he wanted to talk to me he'd just text me first...

help? lol

Lol I was being silly I texted him and we started a convo,

now We're gonna chill tomorrow =)


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  • Um...just do it? Don't worry about who goes first. Just go.

    You reallyyy wanna talk to him, so talk. Better than wondering 'what if'...


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  • Here's a good rule to remember too never text him for more then a few hours at a time I had a girlfriend who txted me constantly and couldn't take the hint that I was getting annoyed. If you have that much stuff to talk about call him


What Girls Said 1

  • well if yall have already talked that day and he didn't say something like text me later or anything like that then no I wouldn't text him again!

    but if its like a new day and you wanna talk to him go for it!