Couldn't make decision.. What should I do?

I meet this guy in the library by coincidence while I was studying. That time he kept looking at me shyly and smile at me. I don't know why I kept missing his smile. Honestly, I can't really remember clearly how he look as I only looked at him once and it was just a slight look because I was shy when I saw him. He's a Korean and I'm a Malaysian (but everyone always thought that I'm a Korean when they first looked at me due to my fair skin and some features that looked like a Korean) since that day I always go to the library so maybe I can meet him again but sadly he hasn't show up. I know which school is he from (we're taking different courses) and I want to go find him but I don't know whether should I go for it. I don't even know his name. Should I go look for him? I don't know anything about him honestly. We just meet once and no more. Why am I feeling like this? It's weird. I can't make up my mind. Why should I do?

Pls give me some advices and opinions. I couldn't make up my mind about this :(


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  • It depends on how long ago this happened. Just a suggestion , walk around his school area and try to catch his eye, if he remembers you he will keep looking at you and smiling. If this is so, the he most likely has an interest in you. If you do this and he doesn't keep looking at you, or he just keeps looking at you with a straight face, he has probably moved on, but I guess this is the only way if your not going to see him any other place.

    • Oh man.. I went to his school just now. Omg I was extremely nervous.

    • Don't be nervous, sweetie.. Follow your instincts and your heart...

    • I went and walked around then I left. Omg I was so extremely nervous.. I saw his friend today at the library but I didn't saw him. It's the first time I'm feeling this way. :O

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  • Fate, along with God, has a way of giving you instinct and insight into what a person sometimes needs to do to get the ball rolling when it comes to romancing your stone. I feel this may be one of those times, sweetie. The ball is now in your court.
    You both to had this 'chemistry,' a bit in common, and also it was meant to Be for you to Know 'Which school' he goes to. That in itself is Something to follow, and even though you don't have a name, don't be just One in a million who let someone they liked slip through their fingers...
    Find the school, find Where he is taking his course, and once you're there, don't stop looking until you're on the right 'Course' to find him again. Make it your 'Malaysian mission,' for I always find that people from other countries have More Get up and Go than many Americans here. I have a husband out in Egypt and I know how the Egyptians are when it comes to fighting for their cause.
    Once you would find him, look at him 'shyly and smile.' I truly believe he will be delighted you 'showed up' out of nowhere. Take it from there to see if this is going Somewhere...
    Good luck. xx

    • I just went to his school today to try my luck. Omg I was so nervous. I'm still having butterflies in my stomach. My heart couldn't stop racing.

    • Keep going... you'll find him... Yes, these feelings are just nerves and excitement... xx

    • i went today and walked around then i left.. even after a few hours, my heart starts racing even just the thought of it. did i really fall for him?