Torn between 2. What should I do?

I met a guy 2 years ago. Sparks flew that night. Chemistry like I've never felt before. The story of how we met could make a movie. Our paths kept crossing, he hit on me twice and I never called him. Then a good friend wanted to introduce me to her neighbor having no idea we had met already and that's when I sat down and talked to him and fell in love at 3rd sight! Then I hit hard times, lost my job, got raped, fell into extreme depression, gained a lot of weight, One week after I met him. He's still around but our relationship never went anywhere serious as far as titles go. I love him but lately he's been depressed and distant. I've tried to be there but I'm getting tired of waiting... so I started dating. I met a guy I was introduced to a year ago. He's an ideal. He opens doors, conversation is great, takes me on dates. So far it's good but still very early in (2 weeks). Should I stick with the first guy or leave him alone and see where it goes with 2nd one. Or should I keep both of them around til it gets serious with one of them? by the way I do have sex with the guy I love but not the new guy

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  • If the other guy doesn't give signs of wanting to be in a serios relationship with you, why wait? Be friends with him but also allow yourself to have someone else there for you. Give yourself a chance to love again , to be happy. Think about it.


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  • Follow your heart that is the best advice I can give.

  • go for the vampire.

    • Lol in that case it would be #1

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    • Definitely not into ball kickers lol

    • Lickers* dang autocorrect

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