Met a guy online we hit off good and now he's completely ignorin me?

Met a guy on fb and we exchanged numbers and talked on phone and texted usin whatsapp.. He always initiated and we flirted a lot and dirty talk too.. The next day he didn't message so I msgd him and now he's read my msgs online keeps coming but isn't replying at all.. What went wrong? Did I lose my dignity? I msgd him only two times in two days saying hey what's up? Why is he ignoring me?


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  • Don't make it big deal. It is virtual world anyway.
    Have you seen him in person? If not seriously girl, don't waste your time.

    • well i have not.. or may be i did when i visited my friend at her school but i dont really remember.. my friend said he is a decent guy and all that.. so thats why i started talking to him

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    • oh no we haven't met yet.. we were supposed to in few days for our first date and he kept asking me when we go out will i let him make out with me... i felt so weird when he kept asking that.. lol

    • Lol so he is planning to get laid. lol He is one of those casual sex searcher. I am not sure you want or not. But it doesn't seem to me cool idea.

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  • Well, he is ignoring you has nothing to do with you
    the guy seems to have issues and isn't it better
    to find out now than to wait as time goes on
    honestly Facebook as all type of characters on there

    • He sounds like most likely a creep whose moved
      on to other girls and get what he can online with them
      than when he needs get off again he will come back
      to you he is game and not looking for serious relationship

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    • no no we were gonna Skype too.. he is actually friends with a close friend of mine.. so she has seen him many times at school! but then again he's not talking to me he's straight up ignoring me so i doubt the meeting is going to happen...

    • Yea i don't know what say good luck!

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