Does he playing me? or he's not ready to get a serious?

I've been hangout with this guy for 6 months. He always told me he doesn't feel that we are gf/bf, we are not just friend either. He consider me more than friend and he treat me very good. We see each other once or twice a week, we text or call everyday though. When he was away for his trip, he always text or email me to let me know how was his trip! At first we start from a customer relationship. He is one of my customer at my work and then we get together and I told him at first that I don't want a serious relationship so he's ok with that. after 3 months I feel I want more serious I'm falling for him because he treat me very nice, he's a nice guy. He's older than me almost 20 years and he always remind me that he's just my customer! Does he playing me? Or he's not ready to get a serious relationship? What should I do about him?


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  • Tell him how you feel. Then see his response. Do not stay if your really want more from him

    • Thanks for your advice :) yah! I will but I afraid to lose him too, I afraid his answer or his response

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    • thanks :) yes! I will find a guy who love me and afraid to lose me :)

    • Gdluck dear. Yeah I am with the love of my life.

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