Understanding a military guy? advice?

I been talking to this guy and we just hit it off. He has been very honest he is currently retired cause of an injury. He was in an ambush in Pakistan and I think he is disturbed by this. he came back with some of his other comrades but recently he told me that the group he was working with got ambushed and they all died he's been bummed out. I'm seriously trying to be as understanding as I can but he's very serious and sometimes it's hard to get something out of him. He explained to me he didn't want to bother me with anything etc. I told him he can talk to me and I'll listen. He said he's really serious about us but he's been feeling down , but how can I be there for him? Has anyone dealt with so, etching like this? What's your advice?


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  • I'd definitely tell him to get help, he may have PTSD/depression. The best thing you can do is be there for him, don't talk about it unless he brings it up (or if he seems really down id ask him) but if he's in a good mood, I wouldn't say anything let him be in a good mood for a little while. Also tell him to look into maybe getting a dog? Veterans Affairs actually assigns dogs to soldiers now to help combat depression&PTSD. Sounds odd but it works, if not a dog another animal maybe. And make sure he isn't spending too much time alone, just brooding over everything that happened. He definitely needs to make sure he stays active. And since he was military, he might still keep up with his physical training, and running relieves depression so see if you all can start running/doing something physical together like signing up for a fitness class. That might help. And it'll give you two something fun to do as a couple.

    • Well he did say he feels depressed sometimes I told him he should not be alone brooding. His friends dragged him out to hang out cause he didn't want to do anything he says he realized he can't keep doing this and he has to live in the now or he might miss out. His friend reassured me that he is quiet but that he's a good person and always there for anyone. He has also been down cause his grandma died also a friend from cancer I imagine how he felt but I told him I'm here for you and I will listen if you want to talk about it , he doesn't have to be alone and that he should be happy and that I know it's hard but it's life.

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