Messing around with a friend, kissing on the neck and feelings for each other?

So me and this girl who happens to be an old friend of mine (12 years) started messing around with each other this summer. It's been a lot of fun, we haven't had sex yet, just a lot of kissing and touching. There has seemed to be a few times that we've almost gotten to serious with each other and a few acts she's done that's made me set back and question.

So, these are my questions.
1. Would you kiss someone (especially a friend you're messing around with) on the neck?

2. Is it even possible not to have feeling for each other?

3. Why would you choose a friend instead of someone else?

4. Should I take control and push this farther?


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  • Before you take things farther physically figure out how you feel about her, and then figure out how she feels about you so there are no misconceptions&one of you is less likely to get hurt. If you like her, Maybe ask her out on a date, and make it clear that it's a date. See what she says and how she responds, then go from there


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