She asked me to be patient, then proceeds to distance herself. What should I do?

We met, had this crazy attraction, it was a whirlwind. Lots of great sex, spending lots of time together. Then real life caught up and we started seeing each other less and less. I feared she was either really scared at how fast things were moving, or losing interest in me.

I meet her parents and that seemed to go great. However the morning after she seemed kind of distant. I didn't hear from her for a few days after. We meet up and I addressed some concern for the change in her behavior. She told me she is just really busy and her mind is scattered. She asked me for patience, that she is not interested in anyone but me, and she will be around as long as I want, forever.

Since that discussion our communication has dropped. I usually wait for her to contact me now. So we can go a few days without talking and we see each other about once a week.

It is rare for her to tell me she misses me. But occasionally she will send me a picture and say she wished I was there.

Did the speed things were going freak her out? Is she testing me? Or is there someone else? I just hate not knowing what is going on and she just will not open up and talk to me and I am tired of asking.

Nevermind. She ended it today. Oh well. Life goes on.


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  • hey, hey, hey. do as she says. have patience. look, she took you meet her parents, she won't do that if she wasn't interested in you. and she TOLD you she'll be around forever. she won't say it if she didn't mean it. and she even says she wishes you were there in places with her. that's a good sign. she is interested. it might just be how fast everything is happening. give her some time. things will work out again. :)


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  • I think what's happening is she's trying to slow the pace so she can't get a grip and adjust to all of this. I suggest just relaxing into it man. Nothing bad's happening. Just let things keep flowing.