Guys, answer this for me please: 10 days without messaging me. Is he uninterested?

So this guy i have been on 2 dates with, hasn't contacted me for almost 2 weeks...

The last date we had went well, in my opinion. At first it was a bit awkward but we eventually really had fun (laughed/talked a lot, he made me wear his sweater because i was cold, etc) and he even lended me 3 CD's of his because i said i liked them so much. At first i thought that he did that as an excuse to see me again, but now i'm starting to doubt it. At the date, he also invited me to an event he had been organizing with all his close friends, the event will take place in a month.

The very next morning after our date he sent me a Facebook message about some stuff we talked about at the date, and i replied that evening. Since then, he hasn't replied to me... This was 10 days ago... he's been online a few times already, so i know he has read it.

Now maybe i should add that he always has been a bit slow when it comes to messages on fb, but i thought that if a guy really likes a girl he would want to see her/talk to her ASAP. So the 'slow messager' wouldn't be an excuse right? Also, i have heard from mutual friends that he has been dumped by girls a few times. Maybe this has something to do with it? Maybe its him just not wanting to seem to eager, to avoid getting hurt again? I dont know.

He is a very nice guy and absolutely not the player type, but this situation is annoying me and its making me think that maybe he doesn't like me at all. But if thats true then why invite me to an event with all his close friends? Why lend me those CD's? And why send me a message the morning after the date? I'm confused.

We didn't have sex. He disnt ask me for my number, and hasn't given me his.

Is he just inexperienced? Afraid of rejection, so he's taking thinks really slow? Or just not interested (anymore)? He's 27 and i'm 21.

(I apologise for any mistakes, English is not my first language)


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  • Does he work long hours? Is he still getting over an Ex?


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  • I would say he's not interested. If he was you would have heard from him a few times already. If the date was really good he would have asked for your number at least. The cd thing throws me off, he may have met somsomeone else


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  • Everything points at the fact that he's just not that into you. I do the exact same thing to guys I'm not interested in - I'll message them or reply to their message maybe once or twice, and then just stop replying. It's just an easier way out. :/

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