Date is tomorrow but he hasn't confirmed plans?

Ok so here's the run down.. I met a guy a month ago interstate when i went away for my birthday, we hit off, we've stayed in touch via text since, tomorrow I'll be going to interstate again, 2 days ago he asked to take me out, yesterday i let him know sure thing I'll be free, he said he we will do something in the evening and he'll let me know the plan... Well I have to pack my bag tonight, he still hasn't let me know what we're doing and the date is tomorrow, so I don't what clothes would be appropriate for the activity...

Do I just ask him? Or wait and see if he'll message me before the morning? How would I word it so I don't sound pushy or anything like that?


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  • I'd either ask him or pack a lot of stuff just in case! Just say something like "hey I was wondering since I have to pack my bag today and you haven't let me know what you would want us to do. Could I call you? :)" Or something like that. And if you dan't wanna call him then just articulate your thoughts in a text! Hope this helps and wish you luck! :)

    • I ended up just texting and asking, it was a great night! :)

    • Aww that's so great! :) I'm happy for you that it worked out!!!

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  • Ask say, can't wait to see you tomorrow!