He dedicated some song. But he won't tell me how he really feels?

We broke a engagement and relationship of 4 years of ups and downs, a month ago. Hr dedicated Whitney Houston "didn't we almost have it all" I asked him why he did, he says just because... Why does a guy dedicate songs like this?


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  • seems pretty self explanatory. despite the break up he obviously has some fond memories of your relationship and the song is symbolic of that. despite the downs the relationship almost worked.

    • But it does not serve a purpose except hurtful memories, reopening wounds and not letting it heal.

    • for you it may, perhaps for him it does not. perhaps it's more of a reminder of how good things were even if they didn't end well.

      but it does sound like you probably need space to sort of recover. I think you should probably allow yourself a lot of space from him

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