After 7 months my boyfriend is different? Does he still love me?

I met my boyfriend seven months ago. Things were going great. He was super cute and romantic, and I loved it. He was affectionate and always wanted to text/see/call me. We had a rough patch a little while ago and had a month break, but we are taking things slow and are back to dating. I love him, and he loves me. But things are just different now. He will text me then after I respond he will just disappear for hours. Or he will go a day or so without even texting me a simple hi. I have to force him to call or FaceTime me and he isn't super touchy any more. We still kiss and get passionate, and hold hands but he isn't super touchy. He's just way tamer then when we first were together. My biggest fear is that he grew tired of me and just isn't attracted to me anymore. He says that that isn't true, but the way he acts doesn't make me feel very special anymore. Maybe I just expect too much. I don't get any of the romantic/cheesey gestures that I love so much. What am I suppose to do or think?


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  • All relationships get past the honeymoon stage. It starts to slow own passionately, spice it up with different approaches to your dating. I like to do cooking classes, not typically a guy thing but I find it fun. The women I take to the classes love them, they are interactive and very social. It should get him engaging more. If you are talking about sexually, the best way to get a guy wanting you more is by not giving yourself out more. I hope that doesn't sound disrespectful, it's simply true. Hold out on him and it will rock his world a little. Sometimes a guy needs a little eye opening, if he is truly tired of the relationship then holding out will show his true colors. If he is in to the relationship then it will show...


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  • Maybe he's getting lazy. Start not being quite so accessible. Plan more dates. Do exciting things with him.


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