Should I talk to him a year and a half later? He seems to like me (my gut feeling), but I'm not sure?

This guy and I take the same bus every morning. He is probably 7-10 years older than I am. About a year and a half ago, after seeing him so much on the bus and on the subway platform (we don't take the same train but it's still the same platform), I went up to him and talked to him. But all the stuff that came out of my mouth was nonsense, and I don't think he was prepared for the stuff I talked about (I was kidding around about things, but he didn't get the jokes I made as I was nervous). Anyway, after I talked to him, he stopped taking the bus at the same time as me for a few months, and I avoided him. He also avoided me and didn't stand in the same place that he used to on the subway platform. After a few months passed where we mutually avoided each other, things seemed to go back to normal. He's smiled at me a few times since. He's even smiled at my mother a few times (my mom drops me off at the bus station every morning). And there have been other indicators. We usually walk together to the subway platform, with him usually directly behind me or at my side (not shoulder to shoulder but still close enough), and our pace is usually the same. The thing is, as soon as we get to the subway platform, he'll take out his cell phone and he won't look up once if I'm standing near him, which I always am, not even to see what train is coming. I sometimes wonder how he can tell which train is which if he doesn't look up, but I guess he's able to tell. Or if he does put his cell phone away, he'll always look in the direction away from me. One time I thought I would sneak a glance at him as he seemed to be spacing out, and when I looked at him, his head immediately turned away.

I'd like to talk to him again, but I'm nervous about him avoiding me again and also scared I'm going to come across as, well, skittish like the first time and say something stupid. I'd also like to ask directly if we can have coffee some time before work but don't know if that's a wise move. Help!


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  • You could ask him, "Do you like oranges?"
    It is completely random and he won't expect it. Then you could go in depth and learn more about him. Ex. "Do they sell oranges where you are from? Where are you from anyways?"

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