When the girl you like calls you BRO?

I've been hanging out with this girl I like for a while now and I thought she really like me.. But recently she started calling me Bro and joking about me being her BFF. I also hang out with her bestfriend a lot and even she is calls me bro every now and then now. Her bestfriend told me that she talks about me a lot when they're together, but that probably doesn't mean much.

So guys when a girl you like starts calling you bro or bff, does that make you feel hopeless about having a relationship with her? 'Cause I pretty much gave up.


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  • I say bruh bro nigga dude pal and all that to a guy that's acting more than friends that I don't want. She might be shy and not know how to talk to you without things being awkward but she might just not want you to like her like that

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking.. oh well.

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  • Its sounds like she friend zoned you.

    • Probably.

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    • Okay but I'm not trying to make you upset or anything but if a girl likes a guy she wouldn't joke around by calling him bro and bff.

    • Lol trust me, I won't get upset, you're just helping. I just feel like somethings there.

  • It doesn't have to mean anything. Maybe she just wants to see how you react.

  • I don't think it means anything. I called my friends bro too. So don't you worry :D


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  • Boner killer.

    Would call her bro back and not make her a romantic option anymore.

    Hell, I don't even like being called that by guys either.

    • It's weird because I get the vibe that she likes me, and even her friend and sister has said that she talks about me a lot to them. Idk, I still have faith lol

    • You're a man of great strength then son.