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A bit of drama happened in my girlfriend and I's relationship of almost a year, and it created a lot of tension that created a lot of fights because we were both on different pages. We fought several times over the course of two weeks. A lot of the fighting was started because of me worrying, some of which because she didn't seem to care, but she just isn't the kind of person to show how much she cares and I didn't realize that.

I went away on vacation, and just came back today, and am really trying to heal the relationship and apologize for the hurt I caused her. I feel like I am close to losing her, but I can still bring back the relationship. How can I reignite the previous spark in our relationship without coming across as desperate? I really want to try and make this work, but am scared that effort I put in will just make me seem desperate and scare her off.


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  • Well, maybe you could start by apoligizing for your part in the fight. You could say, " hey, you know i have been thinking about what all happened with us and i just want to apoligize for my part in the fight. Also, im sorry and feel horrible that this whole situation blew up and created so much tension between us. Maybe we could get together & talk about it." Hoepfully, she will be & say sorry to you and you guys can move on from this and make up. Make sure to think about if you really want to get back into this relationship, that your not getting back into a relationship you may not be happy in. Hope this helps. :)

    • I know I need to apologize, but I'm struggling to find the right time to do it, since we are so busy and I want it to be sincere and in person. A lot of time that we hang out is at the pool with a bunch of our friends, some of them are like family to her, so that wouldn't be a good place at all. I just feel like things are fragile, you know?

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    • We ended up breaking up. She goes away for a month next Monday so it shouldn't be that hard. But thanks for your advice, I don't think there was anything either of us could have done.

    • Your welcome. :)

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  • Apologise first.
    Talk to her about your (magic word here) feelings.
    Then give her some space (three days sound good)

    Not desperate at all.


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