What should my friend wear on her iceskating date?

I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty cold inside the place right? She has no idea. So does anyone have any ideas on what she should wear?

She has a long black puffy coat, maybe a black turtleneck underneath? I don't want her to look too bulky so maybe a long sleeve hidden under that. For bottoms, Ieggings and ski pants? She has nice ones that don't look super big. Leather gloves and a white knit hat?

Thanks so much!


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  • Is she trying to go for cute or comfy or both?

    • Comfy! She's just that kind of girl, so I want that to show on her date.

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    • Thanks so much!!! I'll go for parka, turtleneck, and just leggings on the bottom. Earmuffs and gloves. She'll probably be happy with me since it's so warm outside haha. I promised I would drive her and crank the AC though :)

    • Have fun ^^

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  • ice skates for starters:D maybe a parka jacket? and some jeans. nice cute gloves. ear muffs! scarf!

    • That sounds really cute! She has a black long parka, and I like the ear muffs and scarf! Good idea!

    • omg yes! someone else who knows what a Parka is!:D

  • Skating rinks are warmer than they used to be. Maybe a turtleneck and no sweater, or a light coat or sweater over a T-shirt.

  • I went ice skating for hockey last weekend, and this college girl was wearing a black skirt with leggings. I thought she looked great.


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  • You don't have to wear much, because you get so hot while skating. Figure skaters wear those skimpy little outfits and they're sweating at the end of the program, lol.

    I would suggest a long sleeved shirt or sweater, loose jeans or yoga pants (leggings may not be warm enough unless she's doing some serious power skating), and gloves for sure. Hat is optional, it may get too warm, and I would forgo the heavy coat.

  • I would just wear jeans and a nice shirt with a cute sweater - one of the pullover ones that are slightly baggy. It's actually not that cold in ice rinks and she will be skating which will make he feel a lot warmer.

    • This right here.

    • Really? I thought for sure she'd need to dress warm for this date. She does have a nice black parka, and ski pants that are super warm but don't look like snow pants if you know what I mean. Would that be too much?

    • No she wouldn't really need to dress that warm - I actually think they only keep the temperature just below zero so it's a little chilly but not that bad. Also I read the comment below me - she likes to dress comfy so like I said jeans and a sweater is great.