Sneaked into my boyfriend ( 2 years together) fb account Didn't like what I found there?

I searched his messages on fb. He texted a random girl not on friends that she's hot and stuff like that. I knew she wouldn't answer because she had the kind of a model profile with every single picture photoshopped, wearing a tone of make up sexy clothing you get it that sort of thing. So I decided to make a fake acc just the same as hers, resent his message to the fake one and del the first one so I can start a conversation. Well we chated whereabouts etc He told me about his gf (me xD) that she's gone on vacation for 2 months and he loves her very much and misses her and that she's so pretty I asked why text me while having such a lovely gf He said he has got weaknesses and misses the sex with her and that 2 months is alot. But he said he wouldn't do anything with me because he's loyal and that he texted to somebody from a different city so that he won't go talk to any of the girls outside when he goes clubbing cause there are many temptations and he doesn't want to cheat. So I decided to flirt and tell him I was going to his place next week for vacation and that I would like to get to know him better and well I wanted to have fun with him. He said he can't promise that because first his gf and secondly I'm a complete stranger and that he would like to meet me though and we'll see But he wouldn't have sex with me because of his gf we would just talk. He also said he would like to meet me very much to see who he's chatting with. Said I look hot from the pictures and I could have whoever I want. Finally, I said I'd rather quit chatting with him because someone might see the texts (his gf, my bf, etc) and we should not meet. But I told him " accidentally " where is the hotel we would stay and the location. He insisted we should meet but i said no and our convo ended. Today I spoke on camera with my bf and asked him bout his plans for the weekend. He said he'd go with his friends a road trip to that place.. Any thoughts? What to do? Wanna make him confess...


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  • It takes two to tango. If he is out seeking someone else it is because there is something missing from your relationship that he needs, or not getting. If you are doing everything you can to keep him happy, but he just isn't satisfied, then I think the relationship is over. I think the key here is his statement about the missing the sex. Is that true? Have you two stopped, or reduced the sex? He obviously isn't happy. Not to say you are totally at fault, or him. I kinda thought he did pretty good with being faithful there. He may just need someone else to talk to. Him being able to meet up with someone is dangerous and certainly looks like cheating. But you can't convict someone for something they haven't done, yet! There is something wrong with your relationship. If you love him and want to continue with him you obviously need to talk about it to him.

    • We haven't reduced the sex... I'm on vacation and it will last 2 months... because of the distance we are not having any! That's my problem, 2 months isn't that long if you care about someone I miss the sex too but I'm not going for it now that he is not here to satisfy my needs. And I told him I will try to leave earlier my summer job to go back to him! But he doesn't appreciate that obviously... Sex is more important to him

    • Ah, I see. Well, to me the trust issue was already there before, or you wouldn't have looked into his account. If you feel you can't trust him, then you can't. Either take a break, or flat out break up with him. You have no control of what he does. All you can do is hope for the best. The only thing I could recommend is to video chat and make it sexy as often as you like, share in mutual masturbation or whatever to help you both bridge this gap and remain faithful. 2 months is nothing to me, but maybe or him at his age that is simply too much time to "sacrifice". If he simply can't wait for you, then I would say he is immature, not committed to you and a total flake.

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  • Walk away. You don't trust him. You didn't respect his privacy. When you tried baiting him into being unfaithful, he didn't go for it really (unless he knew it was you chatting him up). If he ever found out that was you, don't be surprised if he ends it with you and/or cheats on you over this. If a woman would have ever tried that kind of stunt with me, SHE. IS. GONE! I wouldn't cheat on her, but she's out, that day. No questions asked.

    If he didn't know it was you, and he kept saying to you over and over again that he wouldn't do anything more with you than just meet you, he was doing things right. Yes, I get that he said he was going to be in a location you tried setting him up at, but he only conceded wanting to meet with someone, and was pretty hesitant about anything else beyond that point.

    You're not respecting him. You're only going to drive yourself nuts trying to "prove" he is unfaithful, resorting to baiting him into it, just to "prove" it.

    Just walk away, let him find someone who will respect him, and let yourself find someone who won't make you feel compelled to do things like this.

    • I totally agree with you! If things get to this point then what's the use in being in a relationship? This just doesn't seem right on any level!

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    • I can't even be calm when we talk on camera and he is acting weird as if he's hiding something.. this can't go on for long..

    • Here are your solutions:

      1. End this relationship. The basic foundation of this relationship is severly cracked, and it's likely irrepairable. When a house has too significant a crack in it's foundation, it's best to get out before it collapses on top of you. That foundational piece that has been breached is respect. If there is no respect, how can anything else exist? Love, communication, trust? It can't. You won't respect is privacy. You feel he won't respect your relationship, and it's boundaries. That's HUGE!

      However, if you're bound and determined to try to salvage this relationship, I suppose it's possible. So that means

      2. You two need to have a serious talk. You both need to confess exactly what you're thinking, you're feeling, and what you're doing about it, and what you have done to breach this relationship so far. This will be a fight, make no mistake about it. You may end up breaking up anyways. However, if you both clear the air, it may be salvageable later.

  • You didn't trust him, don't trust him and never will again. You invaded his privacy and all but pushed him into getting what you wanted, him to cheat. Why are you with someone you clearly are unhappy with? Just break up with him. I guarantee if he found out how far you went to get him to do something, you would be booted. It isn't enough for you to just end it.
    This guy is better off without a controlling, manipulative, and invasive girlfriend.
    In order to get what you want you have to tell him how far you went to try and entrap him.
    I am sure you wouldn't appreciate a guy monitoring your every move and trying to get you to cheat.

    • He tried to enhance secret cameras on my appartment once and told me later about it because he didn't want me to find somebode else. That was during a fight we were apart for a few days...

    • You two have no business together! No trusting. Just end it and move on. What kind of a relationship is it that you just look for the other one screwing up.

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