A girls/young woman checklist in nowadays society VS old fashioned theory?

Theory is becoming more and more obsolete as woman become more and more critical judges when competition between males is becoming more fierce. This critical judgement is reflected on the checklist.

Now trust me, I do not like to generalize girls and woman. Each and every person should be considered as an individual. However, I find it typical that the last girls/woman I had dates with showed the exact same characteristics.

This checklist in their head contains the following conflicts for men:
1A.) Theory learns you to make her feel special/ she wants to feel special, knowing that you are thinking about her.

1B.) You call her slightly too fast after the first date, you are considered desperate.
1B.) You call her too many times within certain timespan after a first date, you are now considered a creep.
1B.) You give a direct "Yes" when she proposes to go somewhere, you are now considered as someone not thinking about your own feelings (taking own time schedule for granted)/mr. niceguy.

2A.) They don't want a mr. niceguy

2B.) You give them advice because you sense a problem / they discuss a problem with you. Don't you dare to actually give them advice or you are now considered the consultant / putted into the friendzone.
2B.) Pay one thing, not two, otherwise you just might be considered a briber.
Now the conflict of 1A and 1B is catastrophic as it will often result in something much worse, a cat and mouse game. The second you give her NO attention, she suddenly become attracted to you; manipulation of your feelings as she wants power over you, talking about sympathy for someone else's feelings...

Theory regarding dating is making things worse because girls/young womans are more critical, and demand other approaches in nowadays society, perhaps thanks to the many online dating services out there, perhaps to the worldwide globalization (meeting people worldwide).


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  • I'm done with dating. Also I choose people based on being smart. I hate guys who refer to themselves as nice guys because they are usually loosers though

    • Well, thats the thing. They might look to you as "loosers", while in fact they are just brainwashed by nowdays crap @ dating theories floating around. Honestly, to me it looks like there are so many theories out there that completely conflict with how girls actually think nowadays. Thing is, the more theoretical crap we eat, the more acting of either mr. niceguy or the fake alpha gorilla takes place. The real "me" gets sacrificed by all new demands/checklists and f*cked up dating theories.

    • I don't like those guys either ick

  • I have never been like this. I more so like a "Mr. Niceguy." But a lot of girls seem to like the second.

    • Wish there were more like you. I would not consider myself a Mr. Niceguy but at least I would be able to just be myself and not be a stereotype fake macho-macho man that just doesn't give a shit about her.

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