What are dating websites like?

I am too young to join one, but I was just curious. How do they work? I know you create like a profile right? Then what? Does it like match you with people that have similar intrests or do you have to go through people's profile and look for similar intrests yourself? Then what? You send them like a request like you would send a friend request on facebook? Then finally, how do you guys actually set up a date? How can you be sure you live close enough?


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  • Most dating sites are search sites.

    When you join you create a profile. It's a line or two about your personality funny, compassionate, thoughtful etc. Maybe what you like to do in your free time. The kind of guy you're looking for. Ideal first date. Whatever. Just enough to make someone want to know more. There's a description section for some more details You fill in whatever you feel like here. Upload a photo if you want to.

    Then you search. You set in parametres of your search area. The country, or state, or? mile radius of you.
    Put in a description of the kind of guy you're looking for. It will then bring up the profiles roughly based on your preferences. Then you look at photos and profiles. If you find one or ten that interest you, you try to make contact.
    Then the next time you want to search change the parameters a bit and it starts all over.

    If you are lucky you will actually meet someone to chat with.
    If you are really lucky you might meet someone for a coffee.
    If you are really really lucky you might get a date out of it.

    Then who knows...
    Thats about it.


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  • I would be careful with dating sites. A lot of women get immature men who decide it is fine to send nude pictures, send rude and disrespectful messages, and clog up their inbox.
    I've heard of women getting dozens of messages a day. I've tried dating sites myself, but find that it is highly competitive among men and I couldn't be bothered to be who I was not in order to get my foot in the door.
    You may have better luck though.

    • Just try to find a guy offline. I found my girlfriend offline, not online.

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    • The biggest issue with dating sites is the lack desensitization/physical presence of someone. You don't get to read the body language and tone of voice and instead rely on pictures and written words.
      It is not a suitable substitute for real dating and meeting people. It lacks so much structure and predictability that you really never know what you may be walking in to when you go to meet face-to-face.
      I am absolutely positive that if my girlfriend and I were on a dating site we would never be together like we are now. Our meeting face-to-face stoked up interest, and we got together because of that.

    • Oh I see. Well I can see how that could happen. I mean if people can just pick and choose other people like going through a catalog... :/

  • Dating sites are those things that sound like good ideas, but really aren't. Honestly, you're better off going to stores or theaters and striking up conversation with cute people.

  • Buncha hopeless romantics with ridiculous expectations but in reality just looking for one night stands.


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  • It depends on the site you join.
    Some dating sites are like that.
    It will have you type in your interests and find similar people for you with those interests.
    You choose from the selection.
    Other sites, all you do is type in the age range and you browse.

  • You browse through profiles until you find a pretty face. That's all online dating is

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