Best surprise a girl can give you?

Hey guys and gals! I'm here looking for some fun ideas to surprise the guy I'm dating. Don't give me sexual answers because that stuff is covered, I'm looking for fun activities that I can plan for him and I to do that would really be fun. He is kind of a physical guy so he likes to go out and explore. Also I live in the LA area in case any of you know of particular things around here to do. Please be creative, don't just give me old typical stuff...

Just mentioning that neither of us have a lot of money.


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  • Damn, I was going to suggest becoming friends with a rich person and hang out in their private jet... ahhhh, but that never happens :(

    Take him to a farmer's market, get some items to cook and the 2 of you cook something fun together.

    Do you at least have access to a car then maybe you can drive up and see some sights that overlook the city?


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