What traits do you want in a girl?

what traits do you find great i your perfect girl?


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  • This would be my kind of woman:

    I like confident and independent women who are not full of themselves. They don't necessarily need a man in their lives, but want one because they're not ultra feminists who believe that men are meaningless, unnecessary, or just obsessed with sports. Basically a girl with good perspective on life.

    I don't have any perfect body type that I prefer. As long as she's not very short or very tall, and everything's proportional. Her height and weight create a normal BMI score and her breasts fit her body. Having a beautiful face is most important. That being smooth skin, deep eyes, great smile, good teeth, beautiful hair, etc.

    I usually am more attracted to white girls. Someone who has good financial sense and knows how to keep what they earn. I don't care what their profession is. If you're mature and carry yourself with confidence and poise, I don't care your education level. Don't care what your sexual history is. Could have been with 100+ men or a virgin, as long as you're loyal to me. Hopefully someone within my age range. 21 +/- 4 years; that's not a hard rule though.


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  • A gamer that isn't afraid to get dirty and loves to joke and mess around while being serious when needed. I also prefer a girl that inst too tall or way older or younger than me, and doesn't have huge breast or wear a whole bunch of makeup as I prefer the o natural look. Don't know why, but I was never a fan of giant breast.

  • Physical or personality traits?

    • Well physically I wouldn't be that particular about it. I like a pretty wide range of body types. The personality would probably be more important. I would love her to be sweet and caring. And a good sense of humor is nice too.

  • big tits, a small waist and a big ass.


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