Women, what kind of rules do you follow with men? How would you expect men to act?

I'm curious what may be on my girlfriend's mind. Do you let the guy contact you first so you don't appear needy? Do you show affection in some circumstances, but not in others? What rules do you follow?
What rules do you expect men to follow? Is it too much if a man texts multiple times a day? Do you expect men to be decisive? What other rules may you expect?


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  • Woah woah woah. Hold up. The great news is, there are no defined rules. (hmmm, maybe that makes it harder? haha) It's all up to you and your partner, no matter what anyone else says. You two just need to be on the same page. You can't read her mind, and she can't read yours--communication is key, seriously. If you're curious, just ask. It'll show that you care that you perform well in the relationship. Don't think of them as rules, but as understanding one another better. You'll get more comfortable with each other hopefully and find out what works for you and what doesn't. Then you'll be comfortable enough to ask "Do I text you too much?" etc. Hope this helps! It's great to see that you care so much. Good luck!


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  • I got asked the other night if I was a virgin. By a guy on Facebook whom I barely have talked to. I would have given him a chance if he had not asked such a personal and suggestive question. It's also insulting.

    • I'm a guy, and I can't fathom the rudeness a lot of men have towards women like that. I understand we have testosterone, and yes I do lust as well, however I won't send obnoxious messages asking for naked pictures, about virginity, etc.
      I sometimes wonder at my fellow males...

    • it was just the fact that he asked it right off the bat. I would only feel comfortable talking about that if we had gone on several dates and were pretty much a couple already

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