Should I give this guy a chance knowing it'll be a long distance relationship?

I've been weary of trying a relationship because I've been burned so many times, but I'm considering trying things out with this one guy I met at a cross country meet. It turns out he knows my friend because they used to go to school together. We've grown close over the past 8 months, and he's now telling me that he wants to step our friendship up a couple notches. The thing is, we live about an hour and a half away. He said he doesn't care about the distance, that he's willing to try to make things work. He's an incredibly sweet guy, and I really like him, inside and out. Is it worth it to try dating again? Is it worth it to try with a guy who lives over an hour away?


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  • I would say go for it. If he's willing to try that hard to make it work, that says a lot about him. You don't need to immediately jump into a serious relationship, but hang out some more, go on some dates and see where it goes. If it you realize that he is worth the distance, then take it further.


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  • Give it a shot I'd say. Um... If that's the case and you don't have a car and your parent's aren't able to accommodate you, then I'd say you'd have to weigh in on the implications. Although your friend's sweet, you could also find someone sweet who lives nearby and I think that you could keep interest with your friend, let him date other girls and you date guys, then when you two are older and you've got more mobility, you two could hit it off.

    I honestly think the time spent apart's going to make it really a Platonic relationship for the most-part, so the consequence of your decision will be feeling of loneliness and blues when you two are apart. Can you bear that emotional burden?

    • We both can drive so that won't be an issue. I'm used to being lonely and blue, so I think I can bear that emotional burden.

    • No. Blue's bad for your health, it makes you feel more tired, forgetful, and it's a vicious cycle. Try to feel what it's not like to be blue. Ever considered that option? Just fricking find something to make you happy and REMEMBER that moment, then compare, blue or happy? Yeah, I thought so.

      You need to do many things, activities, that way you've got a vehicle to meet new people. If you can meet your friend say 2/7 days a week, I'd say that's good, but don't make it the reason for feeling good because then it'll happen as I said. Just meet a lot of people, and that way you can tell from your sample who's right for you.

      If I never saw a car in my life, and somebody shows me a 1980's Toyota, I'd quickly recognize it's useful for transportation and it's cheap to fix and I'd also be in awe of the technological advantage over walking. Though, if I could choose from 100 cars, I'm pretty sure the Toyota won't be the best one.

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  • Its worth it. I say jump right it.

  • Well if you think he's worth it, then why don't you just try it?

    • My last relationship left me in a bad place, I'm just a little scared.

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    • You told me exactly what I needed to hear, thank you soooo much for reassuring me that I should do this.

    • No problem :) Good luck.

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