Am I overthinking? Does he have an interest in me?

I think I just blew it entirely, so long story short he's been having a little trouble lately so I took him a pack of smokes. Well he ran out and our mutual friend sent me a text asking me if I would take him a couple on his break.

I brought him another pack of cigarets and he jokingly said you are too nice- bringing me cigarets. I said to him, it's not being too nice , it is helping someone out and I do it for aleisha on occasion when she is out.

Well we sat in his car for a good 20 min and talked- the conversation was light and we talked about our mutual interests. In regards to one of my interests he said that his friend has a shop that he would like to take me to.

At the end of the conversation I gave him my number and said don't lose it and call me anytime. Other than that too nice comment I think he might have an interst in me I'm not sure. Should I take the comment at face value.


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  • I honestly don't know what you are asking. Did he ask for the number or did you give it to him? Did he say he was gonna call? Has he called? That comment cannot let anyone know how he feels about you.


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  • I wouldn't quite say he is into you yet. A mice comment isn't enough to conclude that someone is into you. Wait, see if he calls you to set something up. See if he really invites you to his friends shop or anywhere else. You made the first move by giving your number, I would just wait and not worry about it. If a guy likes a girl on some level he will attempt to contact her.