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My girlfriend used to comment on how cute I am, but doesn't do that as much anymore. We've been dating for two months, and she is still very attracted to me, she says. Why do you think she doesn't call me cute anymore?


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  • she still thinks that your cute and probably thought that she was saying it too much and thought you would get annoyed because she knows. you know. you both know that the other person knows.

  • Because the infatuation period is over? I used to tell my boyfriend he was tall (he's 6'6) but now I don't except in pictures of us where I look TINY and he always goes, "You never notice my height anymore." And he's right. I know he's tall. He knows he's tall. He doesn't need me to tell him.

    I'd assume it's similar with your situation about the cuteness.

    • Only after two months, though?

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    • Could she still be attracted to me, though?

    • Yes?

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