Girlfriend is going back to college without me, kinda nervous?

So me and my girlfriend (on and off for 3 and serious for 3) both went to the same university, but I have decided im not happy there and moving back home to go to a local college, she is going to be two hours away and we will probably see each other every weekend give or take, she wants to give this long distance relationship a try, seeing as I've already been home this summer and she is working 2 hours away and it's been pretty fine. But when fall starts up there's going to be partying and she's a very attractive girl, I try not to get jealous about anything and it's very hard to make me mad.

Does anyone have any tips about dealing with the fear and nervousness of her going away and us being seperated?


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  • If she is going to cheat, she can do so five minutes away, or she can do so two hours away, etc. With that being the case, continue to have implicit trust in her and remain secure in your ability to make her happy.

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