How should I tell my brother that I like his best friend? Help!

I really like my older brothers best friend I've liked him for a while now and I think it's time I find out if the feelings are mutual between us. But I'm too nervous to ask him so I thought it would be great to ask my brother since their best friends. But my only problem is I don't know how to tell him.


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  • You don't? Don't get involved, it'll only cause problems. That's why I love being an only child. If a girl liked a brother of mine, I would go nuts


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  • oh gawd i hate these kind of problems. listen if your brother has any respect for you and his friend then he should be fine with it just tell him its better then you and his mate dating behind his back just be like bro i like your mate and i wanted to ask your opinion and permission.

    • Well I think he would be okay with it but I don't know cause today I don't know if he was hinting to me but he told me that he wouldn't mind if his best friend ended up being his brother in law.
      What do you think was he hinting to me or what I need your opinion.

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    • Definitely thanks :)