Have you ever dated a girl like this?

My brother dating this girl since 2012 and as time grows he's beginning to be more afraid of her. Well she begin taking so many pictures and videos of him he had to tell her to stop. she literally forced my brother to stop talking to his girlfriend by bringing the police to his ex house all the time. now we have another issue. The issue is stalking on facebook. When she was on Facebook it was non stop attention she wanted. my brother and parents had to report her Facebook as well as her other friend Facebook page. All of this occurred on this new Facebook page he had to make. Now that her Facebook is deleted she was broadcasting him through the army. He received several friend requests from her battle buddies. Then she started stalking him from her mom Facebook page. Today he changed his picture to them both and put a status as engaged because she was watching his page from his mom. She act crazy without attention. On the engaged status there was her whole family including battles buddies not even friends with him on Facebook somehow managed to get on his page. Me nor him know these people so she's promoting his page. his family and friends knew he wasn't getting married to her. She has everybody stalking him. All she like is center of attention. if not drama starts. My mom wants a restraining order when she deploy. That's how crazy she is. She texted me asking me to like her status she kept the police over his ex girlfriend house. She tried to get her in jail. She had her arrested within 24 hours.


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  • What!! Really? Crazy slutt she is! Why do you people tolerating her?


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