Why don't White girls date Asian guys?

By Asian I mean East or Southeast Asian (Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.)
It seems like you see more White guys dating Asian girls than the other way around. I've been wondering why this is for some time now.
The answers I've gotten online have ranged from "Asian guys don't ask out White girls often" to "Asian guys have less testosterone and are less physically attractive".

Most Asian guys I know work out and are in the 5'8-5'11 range so they're not short and skinny. They are also very westernized and don't hold traditional views on marriage.

So why don't white girls often date Asian guys? Please be honest I need real answers!


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  • But they do. I know lots of white girls going out with Asian guys. Infact I received a wedding invitation just today, of an Asian guy and a white girl.
    But I have noticed that a lot of Asian guys will befriend white girls, and show interest, but always seem to marry Asian girls in the end.
    I've shown interest in Asian guys, but they only seemed to be interested in dating Asian girls.
    So maybe it is just personal experience

    • That's not true at all, my uncle's Asian and my aunt is Caucasian, they've been married for almost 7 years now :)
      And I'm Asian too. Chinese-Malaysian. And I think white girls are really attractive :) heck, I wouldn't mind marrying one. They're exotic.

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    • @12345611 well that's the first time I've heard someone refer to white women as exotic! It's actually very nice to hear that, haha.
      And @Bboy646 that's why I said at the end of my comment that I think it's all personal experience. Just like what the asker of this question is referring to personal experience.

    • Haha they are considered exotic around here alright :)

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  • I don't care about race. I've liked someone from every race and I'm white c:

    Currently have a thing for a Filipino.

  • Because of their stereotypes.

    I knew a Korean boy who was buff and ripped and was probably the most popular guy at my high school though. I think some Korean boys are pretty cute.

  • Not all but they do indeed. Maybe you just don't see it as often. It happened a lot at my high school

  • attractive Asian guys can date attractive girls of any race


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  • They do actually, plenty of girls want an Asian guy

  • That's all I date...