He was supposed to reschedule our date but I haven't heard from him. What happened?

I met a guy on Instagram last week & he added me on Facebook because he wanted to get to know me better. We really hit it off & he asked me to watch a World Cup match with him & also to hang out at some point before that.

Things were on track but a few days before he got sick so I asked him if he wanted to take a raincheck on our date. He agreed, apologised & said he'd definitely reschedule with me though.

That was Sunday & it is now Tuesday & I have only heard from him once (briefly) but he did not mention our date.

I'm so bummed, we were getting on really well & there seemed to be genuine interest. Can anyone help me out :-(


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  • Something similar like that happened to me. We made plans, but I got sick so we had to reschedule. We didn't have a set date when to hang out next and he didn't mention it again so I took it upon myself to ask him if he wanted to hang out that day. Maybe you should make the first move and plan something

    • But he's the one who cancelled & I told him to let me know if and when he was keen so I would assume the ball is in his court now.
      Just like it was when you cancelled, I would have expected you to reschedule.

    • That's true, but sometimes when you want something you gotta go for it. For all you know, you could wait a life time. Maybe you can plan something and if he says he can't then let the ball be in his court after that and let him reschedule. As long as your not annoying and asking every single day. But asking once isn't bad at all