Ever been in a situation where you had to let go?

Let go and hope and trust that something better will come along? Or have you held on because you were afraid that nothing better would come your way?

Im in a situation like this now, been liking someone for 5 months and things have been up and down just because of different living situations.. not because the guy is bad.
But for a long I've been saying to myself that i need to move on because there's no point in holding on but im afraid that i won't find someone as good as him.. he is perfect..

but i dont want to hold on and than be let down and hurt and end up with nothing..
what did you do in your situation?



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  • I've been in both those situations with the same guy. I met this guy and he lied about his age and I found out that he's a year younger than me but 2 grades below. We stayed together for a year and 10 months. Due to our age difference , things have always been hard when looking into the future. He was the most amazing guy to me, I love him with all my heart, so of course I was always scared that I would never find anyone that amazing. We had other issues in our relationship ( trust issues, jealousy, family not wanting us to be together, etc.) but I always looked past them to be with him. I was too scared to let go. But now, I'm getting ready to look into colleges and possibly move out of state. I'll have a whole new life and hell still have 2 years of high school ahead of him. Our best choice was to let go and that's what we did. I have faith that bigger and better things will come along. Of course it was hard but it was better for the both of us


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  • It really depends (in your case) if there are chances things will settle down. You have to weigh that vs. how much of your life are you missing out on by waiting.


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  • Nobody is perfect girl. Just let it go. It gives enormous power than you can imagine.

    • It hurts me more to hold on and wait to see what can happen.. i did that last year with a guy for 4 years and last year he got a new gf.. twice

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    • is it weird if i delete him todya? or is that drama

    • Not a drama at all. Life is too perfect to waste.