How to make a gf? I want to hav a gf... need some suggestions?

how should i convince an unknown girl i like? she knows i like her n i stare at her... but i dont know how should i talk to her? Can anyone help me out with this situation? We haven't talked yet... even there is nothing that can bring some contact between us... I m not getting what shud I do... I sent her friend request on facebook... but she didn't accepted it... n not evn canceled it... i hav messaged her.. bt she didn't replied... may be she want me to talk to her directly... Can anyone help me... i truly like her a lot... I wanna know how should I start talking to her with good impression... n how should I ask her first for friendship n then for relationship? Or shud I directly ask her to be in relationship? How should I do this?


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  • Do you know her outside of Facebook? Have you guys talked face to face before? Because I usually don't accept friend requests from people I don't know, and neither do most girls I know. So if she has never met you or talked to you, chances are she won't really be interested in talking to you.

    • Sweetheart I mentioned it no... there is nothing that brings us together... :(
      N wht u said is actually correct usually girls don't accept the request if they haven't talked to them... evn sometimes they don't accept of the people they know :P

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    • Ok.. i think u r ryt.. Any thing else u can add more

    • Just play it cool. Try to talk to her first, get to know her, but don't bring up any feelings you may have. Jus focus on finding commonalities between you two - books, movies, music, the fact that you both went to the same school. At the end of the conversation, just mention that you had a lovely chat, and it was really nice to meet her. Then casually ask her if she's on Facebook. If she mentions she is, tell her "great! I'll add you then!" and leave. Don't make the conversation too long, just enough to establish a connection.

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  • Can I ask how old you are? Will help me give you a more accurate response. Also where do you know her from?

    • I am 21

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    • I have to be honest, I don't think she's interested in you. It may just be because she doesn't know you yet though. Try talking to her one more time, talk about something casual, how she found a class you both took, or how her summer is going, introduce yourself "Hi I'm _____ I'm from your ___ class, you seem like someone I think I'd really get along with, and I'd love to chat a bit if interested, if not though , no worries enjoy your summer". If she doesn't respond, you have to just leave it, it will be clear she doesn't want to talk.

    • Ya I too think so... but why shud I do thn... i like her... there is no contact between us... once we start talking I can make her feel about me... but thats the problem... evn wid any other girl too.. Dont know how to start wid talking impressively... but once started she will be impressed widout evn being tried..

  • If she hasn't replied I don't think sh'es interested. Unless you sent something she really couldn't reply to. Is there anything in particular that she does that interests you. Or does she have a hobby or something she's really good at? I need more info.

    • Wen i don't look at her... she herself stares at me... If I look at her... she sometimes gives smiles n sometimes shows attitude... sometimes I get confused bt yes that is the way most of the girls like it to happen... n what I texted was... Hey Hi... if u won't mind can we talk? thats it... not evn a single question mark or dot more than This :P

  • I'm sorry I don't think that you should ever message her on Facebook ever... You have awful spelling!!! Use spell check it's like everywhere on the internet! God.

    • Its not awful spelling dear... we use this type of words only while texting... it gives us more speed... that's completely natural... :)

    • Evn this is much better... we use a lot of short forms... :)

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  • Hmm.. You should wait until you turn at least 15 before considering having a relationship with anyone.

    She doesn't like you man, the more you write to her and push for it she will laugh at you with her friends.

    You blew this one when you wrote to her on Facebook without ever talking to her again.

    Who would ask a random girl they never spoke to if they want to be in a relationship?

    I did that shit when I was 6 years old man and that shit was like kissing behind the school and "If I can see yours you can see mine" type of shit.

    Just try to focus on yourself, never try to get a girlfriend.

    In my experience love comes when you least expect it.

    You will look back at this moment in a couple of years and think "Damn, I was such a little pussy when I was a kid". While you're drowning in pussy.

    Just dont worry about it man, be a kid. Spend time with your friends do fun things, be happy and who knows if you get happy enough it might shine through and pour over to other people as well.
    One of these people might be that cute girl you like.

    So stop trying so hard.

    • Man I didn't messaged him that can we b in relationship? I m not that mad... i hav asked her if u won't mind can we talk?

    • Do what he says!


    if you lose hope, you can always just buy a wife.

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