I like a girl but im afraid to go near her?

I really like this girl, she's in my class for every lesson since the past three years but somehow last year i started to like her and we got a lot closer this year, i play fights with her all the time and teases her, we steps on each others shoe too, playfully. We talk to each other, but when we are alone, i get really nervous and dont have anything to say, unless she starts the conversation. Im usually very chatty when im around my friends, but when it comes to her, i stutter sometimes and i have nothing to say, even though in my mind i just want us to talk more. She's really beautiful and perfect to me. When i see her sitting around alone, i very much want to go and say hi or sit with her, but i am afraid because I am shy, we sit together in the morning, and when our legs touch, i tend to shake. I want to stop being so nervous around her and stop getting tongue tied or run out of things to say.


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  • That is so cute! Yeah, I know the feeling, bro. My guy keeps grabbing my hand, touching my shoulder, poking me etc. And I just stand still, looking at the ground, blushing like an idiot! But I can't help it. There's something about him which causes this.
    Now, what you could do is, you guys could talk more. Talk all the time! XD tell each other everything! Talk at school, call her up when you come home, talk on social media. Yeah, of course, don't push it. Do it slowly. But talking should help get comfortable around her. And it's easier talking over phone or internet, because that way you're not seeing her face, so, you're not getting those butterflies. And once you get comfortable talking, you'll get rid of your shyness around her at school.
    Hope this helps. :)

    • For for MH :)

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  • Chances are she'll be really flattered you think this and might even think the same thing too.

  • Why don't you try and meditate I mean it does help in gaining confidence and how 'bout some practice in front of mirror, just think she is in front of you and try talking... I know it sounds totally stupid but hey! it can help in gaining confidence so why not? Although it sounds and looks pretty stupid. Sometimes even stupid things come handy!!


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