Dating in High School Age Gap?

So I really like this freshman at my school and I am about to be a senior. Even though she's 3-4 years younger than me do you think it is weird for me to ask her out?

Girls do mature faster than guys so on a physical standpoint shouldn't we be close in maturity?

On the other hand she doesn't have as much life experience and would have a different emotional maturity than me.

  • Yes, it is weird to ask out/date a Freshman as a Senior!
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  • No, as long as you two like each other it is fine!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you like her, go for it!
    Just understand that she's probably not as sexually mature as you are


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  • That's too much of an age gap IMO. 3-4 years might not seem like a lot but when you are 18 and she's just 14, that's a huge difference

  • It's fine and common, but most girls don't become sexually comfortable until a little bit later so you may have a more PG experience than you're hoping for.


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