What is the weirdest experience you ever had? Bring it on!?

I once went to the toilet after a one night stand with a girl. She was gone for work and the toilet woulnd't flush! So I had to take out the shit myself and put it in a back. I left the back for a second on the counter and then I left the appartment! When I got home I realized I forgot to throw out the back full of shit! Never heard from her again :( FML! LOL


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  • Ok. To almost have had phone sex with a guy, that in the end only wanted to watch me masturbate on cam, since he himself claims that he did not have cam. And then him calling it off because I wouldn't agree to showing up on cam. Then him acting all jealous a week later when I told him I was back together with my boyfriend I had only dated for a week and thought things wouldn't work out due to it being long distance. Like what the hell... I thought we were friends and I didn't act all upset on him for calling off the sex phone thing even if I didn't want him to. I am so glad I didn't have phone sex with him. So so so glad, as I am now very much in love with my bf. Anyways, long story short, I was friends withthis guy, we didn't have phone sex, he told me we would remain friends, and after he still wanted to do sexual stuff. COME ON! Way to be sneaky.

    • haha oh yeah!! don't hope you find my story painful! ;) haha.. this one is funny 2

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    • He is. he is really good to me. I love him and we respect the hell out of each other :) Glad to know you have someone special in your life too.

    • thank you :)

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  • I was at work and this kid around 5 or 6 snuck behind and smacked my ass. And when I turned around he smiled and gave me a quarter.


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