Would a player invite you on a weekend trip to his friend's cabin?

This guy I've been dating for a few weeks is always getting texts from girls (at least I assume it's girls since he hides his phone) and snapchats with girls regularly, so right away I assumed he was a player. However, he just invited me to go to his friend and girlfriend's cabin for four days... would a player do that?

he knows we won't be having sex because we're most likely sleeping in the living room...


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  • would a player invite you on a weekend getaway? sure. the player's goal is to have an intimate relationship with various people at any given time. inviting a person on a getaway is a chance at intimacy


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  • Why do women date players and complain about them?

    • Haha I'm trying to figure out if he for sure is a player... if I get actual proof, he's gone.

    • Players have all the luck in the dating world.

    • true, otherwise they'd have no one to play :p

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  • He could just want somewhere to have sex.

    • Haha true... but he said the cabin's really small, so we might have to sleep in the living room. Plus I told him no sex til I feel ready.

    • Since he hides his phone, he's hiding something.

    • I assume he gets dirty snaps from girls... :/