Boyfriend took money from my account?

Not really sure how to feel about this…Recently, after 8 months of no work, and me paying the rent and bills our entire relationship pretty much, my boyfriend finally got a job in June. We were looking to relocate from New York to Massachusetts, and he did so in June.
In the interim, while he gets situated so I can move as well to MA, I am still in NY working my job that I’ve been at 4 years. We are now only seeing each other on the weekends until I quit my job and move up there. I let him use my car since he needs to get out to the suburbs for work, and I live and work in NYC
and take the subway. He drove me back to NY Sunday night and slept over and left for work in MA at 4 in the morning. He told me later that day that he took my credit card and went to the ATM and took out $200 because he had no money, and that his father deposited $200 into my acct on behalf of him that day.
That’s all well and good, but what gave him the right to just take $ out of my acct without discussing it with me? And for the record, it’s 2 days later and I see no deposit yet from his dad...

It wasn't urgent. He must have known he had no money to drive back to MA from NY that day... I think most people realize when they have NO MONEY lol...


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  • Wow that's not cool. Do you mind if I ask his background and ethnicity? I only ask because some men from different cultures feel everything you have is theirs.


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  • hey! yes you are right. Even though he is your bf and close to him but he should have talk to you first and then do this. you should ask him not in rude way but being good that what was the reason that make him withdraw money from your account. before asking thank him that he told you that he withdraw $200 so that he will tell you the reason for this. And some things use to be kept personal so you need to take care of it. be safe :)

  • maybe it was urgent?

  • He should have mentioned it to you first. You need to confront him.


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