We've been on and off in each others lives for 5 years now?

Now, I'll first start this off by saying that both parties are actually content with the situation, but I wanted to see it's that uncommon to be in this kind of predicament.
I dated a girl back when I just turned 21, and we dated for about a year. Both being in love with each back then, but it ended up never working out in the end. We just wanted different things in life, and eventually became just friends.
Being what we consider friends for the last 4 years. We still talk, and keep in contact, but it's not likely a daily thing. More like once a week, or every couple of weeks. Though, since we both live in different cities. We would have to take a flight to see each other, and never tried to rekindle things.
She, and I both have jobs to which cause us to travel on occasion. She travels a lot for work, and is in my city about twice a year, and mine in hers at least once a year. It almost always happens to work out to where we are both single during our stay. With this, we end up having dinner, then hooking up, spending the night talking, cuddling, and then going our own ways the next morning.
I'm assuming this just isn't common at all, but has anyone else been in the same situation, is it still ongoing, and how is it going, or did it end?


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  • Not to be a dick, but you are wrong and this is quite common. It ends when one or the other finds a truly significant relationship. What are you? 25? If you're not on the 29 side of your bracket then you've still got a lot to learn. As you should. I don't have it all figured out, but I'm leaps and bounds from where I was in my mid twenties.

    I say keep the fuck-buddy status on your business trips as long as you can. Why not? Just don't end up in the pit-fall of thinking it will ever be serious because it won't. And that's just how she likes and you should too.

    Trust me on this one bro.

    • Thanks for the response. You're absolutely right, and I completely agree. I'm going to have to just get myself to not have any emotional attachment in the future towards the idea of dating. However, towards the idea of just having a fuck-buddy occasionally. I agree with the terms of enjoying it while it's there.

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