How to start talking to a boy I've never spoken to?

I really like this boy, and I really want to start talking to him but I never had a convostion with him. And I thought if I do just randomly start talking to him he will get annoyed and think I'm annoying. So I was wondering is there away to *accidently* bump into him, any tips on to talk to him like drop an object or something. Someone help. X


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  • It doesn't matter, just say anything. You have to talk to each other to get to know each other. If he thinks you're annoying, then he's a jerk.

    • Thanks! But what could I say?

    • Say hello! Then after that, whatever comes to mind. Whatever you say, always smile. Just saying hello and smiling could get his attention.

      I guess I didn't really answer your question, lol!

  • Talk dirty to him. La da da da da da da da

  • just say whatever is not hurtful

    • Thanks what sort of thing could i say?

    • hi, my name is...
      whats yours?
      how are you...
      even this simplistic communication stuff works. if this doesn't work you got to know a new person that is not interested in you :)

  • Girls have never annoyed me. I love it when a girl talks to me.


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