Is he really too busy or just an excuse? I've been dating this guy on &off for 4 months?

We seem to really click very well together both in & out of the bedroom. He has 5 kids w/ 3 different women ages ranging 13 to 3 months old. He was not with the babies mom when we started dating. When we started dating he was not working so we spent lots of time together. After he started his currant job he was on 1st shift at first &after about 3 weeks he broke it off saying he was too busy w/ work, overtime & kids to give me the time &attention he felt I needed. Not even 2 weeks later he gets a hold of me begging to take him back, he loves, & misses me so much can't be w/out me, we get back together. Things are going great with us for awhile & then he gets bumped to 2nd shift& works the 6 days on 2 days off schedule so every week his days off are different. I work 1st shift so we are able to message each other through out the day a little & at night after he gets off work &some nights he would come spend the night. but on his days off he spends those w/ his kids, I am completely ok w/ that. because I'm looking at the future as one day we will live w/ each & those days I will see him too. Now the problem is the babies mom is pulling the package deal if we are not together than you dont want your son crap. So again he breaks it off for the same excuse of not enough time to give to me to be fair. Here we are a few weeks later and he wants me back again saying he is sorry. is he just playing games w/ me? or is he truly too busy with everything for a real relationship right now? I'm scared to let him in again and be hurt


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  • wow, I am sorry you had to go through so much drama.

    To be very honest this sounds like a situation I would run away from, he is clearly too involved with his babymamma, but if you really want him then I suggest you talk to him and set boundaries, for everyone.

    Write down what you need, and make sure that you agree that your relationship stays amongst YOU and not with her meddling all the time. Once you are on the same page and form a TEAM, sit down with the woman /women that are causing problems and tell them that your relationship does not have to affect his fathership, but that you are a package deal and will not accept any interference.

    If you dont feel 10000 % secure with him and are not super duper super sure that he will have your back in said conversations, then you have to make some hard decisions. Do you really want to be with a man who can't even give you attention, someone you have to share with another woman? I know you deserve better.

    Go kick some ass!

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