What is a girl most likely looking for when she confides in a guy she just met?

So I've recently met this girl online, yes through a dating site, and we've moved to texting. I think we're both pretty open and straightforward people. I feel like she's confiding with me about a decent amount of stuff. Some of her worries and fears about things in life. I know I'm a good listener and good at talking about this kind of stuff in person cause I can read person and the situation, but I'm finding it difficult over text.

So for one thing, is this good she's confiding in me?
As in, it may be a sign of her interest because she feels comfortable with me already? Or do some girls just act that way to anyone and I should consider it a positive signal?

Secondly, what are girls usually looking for in this situation?
Should I just be sympathetic and comforting?

I just can't read her well over text. I'm thinking I'll ask her a casual date for this weekend. I like her and I don't want to get friend zoned!

Sorry this was kind long, but anything will be helpful!
Thank you!

Don't get me wrong it's not like really deep depressing things. It's more just a casual openness, but I still want to respond well so she knows I care.


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  • I think it's good she's telling you things. It really depends on her personality but like for me personally I don't open up to guys like that easily. Definitely ask her out! Good luck :)


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  • Mental stability.